Portrait of Emma Heatherington smiling

Emma is a Graphic Designer who values clean and exciting designs that create interesting juxtapositions to engage the viewer and deliver strong, valuable messages.

Emma has a bachelor’s degree in History and has worked for several years as a tutor, editor, and photo researcher. As a designer, she blends her analytical skills with a passion for art through Graphic Design as it offers the perfect medium to combine inclinations for critical thought with a drive to be creative. Her degree in History and background in writing inform her designs with thorough research and strong attention to detail to create strategic, forward-thinking design solutions.

As a photo researcher, she navigated the world of photo licensing and gained a knack for finding unique media in interesting places. From this critical foundation, Emma strives to balance her work by incorporating bold and colourful design elements to build striking and compelling compositions. Emma believes that successful designs have a firm grasp on the content while finding a place to push the boundaries and incorporate an extra unique element, such as humour, peculiarity, or surprise.

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