two mockups of Oh Hello Gelato brochure; one folded open and one closed


Design a trifold brochure for a conceptual gelato business to advertise their business offerings. The concept created was a gelato store located in downtown Toronto called ‘Oh Hello Gelato’. Oh Hello Gelato prides itself on both high quality gelato and a fun, interactive atmosphere. The brochure must therefore reflect this sentiment while still prioritizing the necessary information for customers.


Playful visual elements and a bold colour palette set a cheerful and light-hearted precedent to match Oh Hello Gelato’s jovial brand identity. There is a strong narrative within the content spread amongst the panels. Readers are first greeted with an engaging front cover and stylized quote to set the tone of the shop itself. The inside leads the reader through brand knowledge and product offerings, highlighting the main product itself. The reader is then left with the easily accessible company information.

close up of inside of Oh Hello Gelato brochure close up of backside of Oh Hello Gelato brochure