Mockup of Noodle Noodle box of macaroni


Design packaging for a box of pasta for a conceptual food company. Noodle Noodles was created as a youthful and modern food brand. They look to set themselves apart from other older, more traditional pasta brands and market themselves for a young audience.


A minimalist yet bold design positions Noodle Noodles as a contemporary brand and sets them apart visually from the rest of the market. The illustrated noodles give a lively feel to the packaging and is a versatile style that could easily translate to the packaging design of other types of pasta. The organic shapes on the box and window add to this energy for an overall youthful composition.

Backside of mockup of Noodle Noodle box of macaroni Close up of front of Mockup of Noodle Noodle box of macaroni