Mock ups of Toronto Hamburger logo on fast food packaging


Create a logo for a conceptual Toronto hamburger business. Toronto Burger was created as a trendy and chic brand. Toronto Hamburger is located in downtown Toronto and looks to elevate the typical fast-food experience. The restaurant wanted to include the city of Toronto in their brand identity as their target consumers relate and respond to Toronto as an entity in itself.


The final design is fun and approachable. The colour palette is engaging to food consumers with the bright use of orange and made sophisticated with the navy blue accent. The gradient mimics a sunset or sunrise behind the city skyline - a nod to the busy lives of Toronto and its inhabitants. Together, the skyline and gradient also create a hamburger bun and patty. This relationship establishes Toronto Hamburger as an important Toronto location. The hamburger surrounds the skyline in a hug-like embrace to give greater authority and gravity to the overall brand identity as Toronto’s best hamburger restaurant.

Mockup of Toronto Hamburger logo on restaurant wall Mockup of Toronto Hamburger logo on restaurant sign