Mockup of packaging, cards, and rules for the game Why Tho?


Create and design a game for the popular world of adult boardgames that would attract it’s primary users - millennials. The game will be compact and card-oriented for maximum portability and to encourage group play, which is a popular format for this market. The final game concept entitled Why Tho? takes ‘would you rather’ to a new level as it asks its players to explain why they would choose one unfortunate option over another.


The premise of the game blends entertainment and logic; so too does the final colour palette. Led by the fun and creative magenta and the structured and professional blue, the gradient colours compliment the context of the game. The colours in between blend together just as the premise of the game encourages players to blend these two facets of their minds. The typography is clean and modern, but fun and inviting. The game cards are thoughtfully designed to be the centerpiece of all of the elements. The packaging follows suit, portability is front of mind. The playful design encourages users to want to bring and show the game off where the compact and high quality box design allows them to do so. The rules pamphlet fits well between these two strong design elements, as it encompasses the design sentiment of the other pieces while remaining an independent piece in itself.

Three perspectives of a mockup for the packing of the game Why Tho? Mockup of rules pamphlet from the game Why Tho? mock up of three game cards from the game Why Tho?