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The Lady Instead

High Society

Lovely Lunatics

Lovely Lunatics

mockup of Why Tho game box with three playing cards in front

Why Tho? Card Game

Oh honey drink can on black table

OH HONEY Can Packaging

Farm Dog Treat Co. logo with brown dog holding carrot in mouth

Farm Dog Treat Co. Logo

Toronto Hamburger logo with Toronto skyline surrounded by hamburger bun

Toronto Hamburger Logo

Walkers App

Walkers App

Open magazine spread of Power House fitness manual

Power House Fitness Manual

closed mockup of Oh Hello Gelato brochure beside open mockup view of interior of Oh Hello Gelato brochure

Oh Hello Gelato Brochure

vinyl record half way pulled out of record sleeve

Holly Mars Album Package & Website

front view of Noodle Noodles macaroni box packaging

Noodle Noodles Packaging

Homegrown Catalogue

Magazine Layout